YCCD MediaShare audio and video streaming.
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Employee Information

The Yosemite Community College District offers media hosting for all faculty, staff, departments, and grant programs associated with the District. The servers are managed by the YCCD Information Technology department for the benefit of the entire community college district and the communities we serve. The MediaShare service is a direct continuation of the Yosemite Community College District's longstanding commitment to the adoption and promotion of Internet technology for the purpose of enhancing student learning.

If you are a YCCD employee and would like a video sharing account, simply click the 'Create Account' link at the top of the screen to get started! Media sharing accounts are not available for students or the public.

Support Videos

Multiple support videos for the MediaShare system are available in the MediaShare Support channel here. The most popular support videos are linked here:

MediaShare Introduction for YCCD Employees (45 Minute Training Video)


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