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Service Terms


The use of YCCD Video Hosting Services are subject to the provisions below, applicable state and federal laws, and the terms of YCCD Board Policy 2720 (Computer Use)

  1. Media hosting services are offered for instructional, promotional, and informational purposes to the faculty, staff, and administrative employees of the Yosemite Community College District, Modesto Junior College, and Columbia College.1 This service may not be used for personal, commercial or political activity or gain.2 Incidental personal or social use by employees, which does not interfere with or burden the hosting service, is permissible.16

  2. Media files shall not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions or otherwise making statements on behalf of the Yosemite Community College District or any unit of the district unless appropriately authorized (explicitly or implicitly) to do so.3

  3. Copyright Information: This service may be used to store copyrighted material for in-class use, or for dissemination to distance learning students, as permitted by the copyright on the educational materials being offered.4 To protect this material from illegal distribution, all media hosting service users must secure copyrighted material using passwords or other security measures provided by this service. If you are unfamiliar with securing directories using MediaShare security, please consider publishing copyrighted material via the YCCD BlackBoard system or some other password protected distribution mechanism. YCCD will comply with all legitimate takedown notices issued under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.5

  4. Accessibility: In compliance with California Senate Bill 105 (Statutes. 2002 ch. 1102), all media created or designed for public, staff, faculty, or student use after January 1, 2003 and placed for hosting on any YCCD server purchased with state funds, must be designed to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.6 This compliance will ensure equal access for all persons utilizing web services at YCCD. Information about Section 508 compliance can be accessed at: http://www.access-board.gov/ or http://www.section508.gov. Staff and faculty members needing assistance with Section 508 compliance issues may contact the Modesto Junior College Disability Services Center, Columbia College Disabled Student Services, or the Yosemite Community College District Information Technology department for further information.

  5. Privacy & Security: All media files hosted on this server must abide by FERPA7 and district policies governing the privacy of employee and student information.8 Because this is a multi-user public publishing server, media hosted here should not be considered secure. Media files confidential student or employee information should not be stored on this server.

  6. Users are prohibited from using channel or media file names that are offensive, slanderous, or defamatory.9 File and channel names should be descriptive of the material being offered, or of the individual posting the channel.

  7. The YCCD media hosting servers are backed up to protect the integrity of your information throughout the semester but it is highly recommended that users retain copies of all files uploaded to this server. YCCD is not responsible for files that are lost or deleted during server migrations or downtime. YCCD IT cannot recover files that have been accidentally deleted.

  8. Due to space limitations, users are asked to remove files and websites that are no longer used for the purposes outlined in Provision 1. Information and lecture materials specific to a course or section, which will not be used in the future, should be removed from the server.10

  9. Due to resource limitations, users must not create unnecessary or redundant channels on this server and should consolidate their online information whenever possible. YCCD IT may limit the number of channels and disk space available to individual users.11

  10. Any media hosting account which has not been accessed or updated for 12 months will be deemed abandoned and the account holder will be asked to remove or update the site to avoid hosting account termination. If the media hosting account has not been updated after 18 months, the material within the account will be recorded to disk, that disk will be forwarded to the senior account holder of record, and all account materials will be removed from the server.12

  11. YCCD may temporarily suspend accounts if suspicious activity or traffic is seen, unusually heavy utilization is detected, or if a user account negatively impacts the service of other YCCD media sharing service users.14 We will contact and work with impacted users to resolve the issue as expediently as possible.

  12. The media hosting service is constrained by bandwidth and license limitations. On rare occasion, viewers may not have the ability to connect if we have reached our license or support limits. If your department or division is anticipating a large number of regular users on the system, please contact YCCD IT to establish alternative media hosting arrangements. This hosting service should not be used to host applications that are mission critical for district or campus operations as it has been developed as a general information publishing resource.

  13. Offensive material: In accordance with YCCD Computer Use Policy 2720, users are prohibited from uploading or transmitting obscenity or pornography.15

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