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Heidi Meyer, "The Importance of Mathematical Play"

In this 3/30/12 MAPS presentation, "Infinite Possibility" The Importance of Mathematical Play" Heidi Meyer MJC mathematician Heidi Meyer entertains and engages the audience as they learn about tiling, tying knots, Escher paintings and more. "My passion is to get the word out about what Mathematics is (capital M).  Most people hate or fear mathematics, but I think that is in part because their knowledge of mathematics is limited to number crunching and finding x and the stress of being tested on such things.  My goal is to get the word out to the community that math is so much more than that - that it is fractals and tessellations and the infinite and "tracings" and codes and knots as well as being about numbers.  I also want to get the word out that mathematics is accessible to them and is something they can explore."

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